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SAFF Women’s Championship: Nepal vs Maldives LIVE

Nepali women team is taking on Maldives women in their second group match. The match will also send the winner to the semi final. So, this battle will be the battle for semis in the 4th SAFF Women’s Championship. The match will be played at Kanchenjunga Stadium in Siligudi.

Speaking about the changes in team setup. Nepal head coach Kumar Thapa said there will be a couple of changes in order to balance the fatigue with lack of rest time. ” We are playing five matches in the space of ten days so we must make sure the players are not overworked. We need to balance the playing time for the players too because we have quite a strong set of squad and the morale will be the key.”, added Thapa.

“After watching Maldives vs Sri Lanka, we saw that Maldives look strong physically and we will need to overcome that with the tactical and technical advantage we hold over them.”, ended Thapa. Nepal stand atop of the Group A table with 3 points while Maldives have same number of points but lag behind in goal difference. Nepal will face Maldives at 18:30 IST [18:45 NST] at Kanchenjunga Stadium in Siligudi.

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