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Nepal U19 vs India U19 Live

Welcome to Nepal U19 vs India U19 Live Commentary.

Match: Nepal U-19 vs India U-19

Venue: ANFA Complex, Lalitpur

Time: 3:00 PM (+5:45 GMT) Nepal Standard Time. 30th August 2015.

-Nepal wins the match.

Ananta Tamang Goal (Nepal)

Shahbaaz goal(India)

Dona Thapa goal (Nepal)

Daniel goal (India)

Bishwas Shrestha Goal……… (Nepal)

Sarthak Goal (India)

Sunil Bal Goal………… (Nepal)

Hayden Goal (India)

Hamenta Thapa Magar Goallllllllllllll…………………….(Nepal)

Moinuddin missed the first Penalty for India.

Full Time

4 minute injury time is added.

87′ Goal from India.  Shahbaaz

86′ Penalty to India.

84′ Bimal Gharti Magar is replaced by Dinesh Raj Banshi

79′ Anjan Bista is replaced by Shiva Subedi

79′ Free kick to India. Lalram is there.

75′ Yellow card to Anjan Bista

73′ Bimal Gharti is Injured.

71′ India got free kick.

69′ Corner to India.

68′ Tej Tamang is replace by Hemanta Thapa.

66′ corner to India.

63′ Corner to India.

59′ Off side. Bishwas Shrestha.

56′ Nice save from Sayak. Nepal missed the opportunity.

52′ Nice try from Bimal . That was the danger situation for India.

50′ Free kick to Nepal. Ananta Tamag kick the ball

49′ Nice defense by Goalkeeper Sojit Gurung.

48′ Free kick to Nepal. Kamal Shrestha Kick the ball.

First Half

3 Minute is added for first half.

40′ Throw to Nepal.

36′ Corner to India

34′ Daniel did foul to Kamal Shrestha

30′ Goal from Nepal – Tej Tamang

26′ Nice shoot from Sunil Bal. But ball did not reach inside the frame.

23′ Foul from Nepal

22′ Throw to India

20′ Throw to Nepal. Akash Thapa was there.

16′ Throw to Nepal

14′ Corner to India

14′ Nice shoot from Daniel (India)

12′ Throw for Nepal

9′ Nepal missed the chance again

7′ That was great chance. Nepal missed it.

4′ Free Kick for India

0′ Peee

Time for National Anthem. _/\_

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