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AFC U16 Qualifiers: Nepal U-16 vs Oman U-16 Live

Nepal U-16 vs Oman U-16 Live Commentary

AFC U16 Qualifiers Nepal U-16 vs Oman U-16 Live Commentary
AFC U16 Qualifiers Nepal U-16 vs Oman U-16 Live Commentary

AFC U-16 Group B Qualifiers 2016 Nepal u-16 vs Oman u-16 Live Score

Nepal 1-3 Oman

Though Nepal and Oman have six points each in group B. Oman moves at the top Group B head-to-head. The result of Jordan and Kyrgyzstant will decide who goes to next round.

90+4′ Breaking News: Peeep’ Peeeep’ Oman beat Junior Gorkhali by 3-1 to climb at the top of Group B.

90+3 Oman score third goal. Mohammad Obaid score.

90′ Four minute added.

89′ GGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOALL Prejen Tamang scores through penalty for Nepal. Nepal 1-2 Oman.

88′ Yesssssss!!!! Nepal get penalty.

85′ o ho now just 5 minute remaining to end the match. Still Nepal 2-0 back.

80′ Nepal’s coach Upendra Man is going to substitute Prejen Tamang for Rejin Subba.

72′ Nepal is 2-0 back in game against oman. Are praying for Nepal….Nepal….Nepal….

70′ Oman miss two good chance to score in second half. Now just 20 minute left.

68′ Change in Midfield Abhisekh Rijal Out – Kshtiz Raj In

65′ Coach Upendra Man Singh is going to change here. Kshtiz Raj is warming-up.

63′ o hoooo Oman gets good chance to make score 3-0 but Oman forward hits the ball wide.

60′ 30 minute remaining to complete the full time. Nepal need to score fast to back in game.

57′ Nepal need to score two goals to levels the score against Oman.

55′ Nepal 0-2 Oman.

53′ Nepali Goalie Arpan Karki moves three times outside the penalty box to save the ball of Oman. He had fouled Oman foward and penalty was given.

51′ Oman forward looks danger for Nepali defense.

50′ We can see here some improvement from Nepal.

47′ Can Nepal back in the game?

46′ Change in second half in place of Ashok Thapa Rajiv Lopchan has been replaces due to injured.

46′ Peeeep’ Second half start.

45′ Peeeep’ Peeeep’ Half Time. Stay with us we will back in second half with more action.

44′ GOOOOAAALLL Oman doubles the score. Goalie Arpan Karki had made the right judgement. But he fails to save it.

43′ OMG! Oman got penalty.

40′ 40 minute gone Nepal are 1-0 down against Oman. Can Nepal come back in the game?

39′ Nepal skipper Manish Karki fails to levels the score line. He miss another opportunity for Nepal.

35′ Junior Gorkhali are looking little nervous after conceding the early goal.

34′ o hoo Good save from Nepal Goalie Arpan Karki.

28′ suman Aryal provide the ball inside box but there is no one to shoot the ball.

26′ Nepal keeper Arpan Karki comes off his lines to clear a ball that looked dangerous. The oman foward had come charging after beating the offside trap.

24′ What a chance for Oman. But Arpan Karki clear it.

20′ Nepal got first corner. An opportunity to Nepal.

15′ can Nepal levels the score????

13′ Rejin Subba shoot charged is saved by Oman keeper as Nepalese misses an chance to equalize the game.

11′ Oman take lead. TAMIR AL Jawi score.

5′ 5 minute gone both team are looking for a Golden move.

3′ Only one change in Nepal’s starting XI. Dinesh Yonjan place at starting XI.

2′ Nepali U-16 team is in Red kit.

1′ Peeeep’ Match start. This is Nepal vs Oman.

Be ready both team are ready to enter into the field with the Tune of FIFA Anthem.

Both team have completed their warm-up.

Junior Gorkhali have completed their warm-up.

Now just 15 minute remaining to kick off Nepal vs Oman.

Nepal’s Starting XI against Oman:

  • Arpan Karki
  • Suman Aryal
  • Roman Limbu
  • Abhishek Rijal
  • Manish Karki (c)
  • Ashokh Thapa
  • Anosh
  • Laxman Pariyar
  • Rejin Subba
  • Sesehang
  • Dinesh Henjan.

Nepal U16 National Football Team hold final team meeting for Group B last Match against Oman.

Let’s send Best Of Luck for our Junior Gorkhali….

Venue: Dolen Omurzakov Stadium, Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan

Nepal U-16 vs Oman U-16 Live Commentary from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The match will kick off at 2:45 PM(Nepali Time).

This is Nepal U-16 vs Oman U-16: AFC U-16 Championship Group B Qualifiers 2016.

Namaste and Have a warm Welcome to you everyone!

Nepal vs Oman AFC U16 Qualifiers Today’s Match.
AFC U16 Qualifiers Nepal U-16 vs Oman U-16 Live Commentary

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