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Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid all Play Draw

La Liga giants FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid all play draws in the match played in Wedensday evening. FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid played 1-1 draw at Camp Nou as Barcelona were forced to pull out their skipper Lionel Messi due to injury. He is expected to be back after 3-weeks. In the match, Ivan Rakitic had given the home side lead. However, they have to suffer two back to back set back as Messi was forced out with and injury and soon after his departure, Atletico Madrid equalised via goal from Correa.

Evan Rakitic
Evan Rakitic

In another match of the evening, Real Madrid failed to create history in La Liga of longest run of undefeated as they were held to 1-1 draw by Villarreal in their own ground. They were just a game away from creating a history. However, it was all shattered.  Villarreal took a lead in early minutes of match through Bruno Soriano’s goal from a penalty kick which was awarded for Sergio Ramos’s hand ball. Nevertheless, Ramos levelled three minutes into the second half.

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos
Real Madrid lead the standing with 13 points with Sevilla in second followed by FC Barcelona.

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