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ANFA has appointed KC as the coach of national team with big hopes….

Dhruba KC

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has appointed Dhruba KC as the coach of Nepali national football team for a one year term on Thursday.

KC’s appointment as the head coach means departure of coach Jack Stefanowski who left the country a few days after the April-25 earthquake. Stefanowski, the Poland born American national, whose contract expired with ANFA in mid May (last month), was supposed to look after the national team until SAFF Championship due to held in India in December-January. But both Stefanwoski and ANFA did not contact each other after the expiry of his contract.
KC, the former coach of the national women team, is also the football chief coach of the National Sports Council, the apex sports body of the country. Nepal’s friendly match against India set for August-31 will be KC’s first match in charge after his appointment.

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